The Darkest June

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Published In: 2012
ISBN: 9789993663928
No. of Pages: 140

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In The Darkest June Author Karma Tenzin has woven a thrilling conspiracy around the June 2012 Fire. Two parallel stories begin in 1964, one in France and the other in Trongsa, and end in Wangdue in June 2012 with the fire. Professor JD has visited Wangdue Dzong two years before Jambay sees it on his maiden journey en route Trongsa to Thimphu. He sees a dream of Wangdue Dzong engulfed in inferno. The bad dream that he has that night under the tree in Wangdue haunts him for the rest of his life. Professor JD is found dead in his apartment only days before his journey back to Bhutan. He was going to return the diamond he discovered in the rock sample he stole from Wangdue Dzong two years ago to the government of Bhutan. His death puts the case to a long slumber until his granddaughter tries to connect the dots and finds the key to the locker where her grandfather has kept the papers and the diamond. Through Jambay's journey in Bhutan the author subtly takes us on a nostalgic ride into our past; beginning of towns and roads in the country. Jambay meets a nice Tibetan couple who gives him shelter in his initial days in Thimphu but his affair with the young wife makes him leave Thimphu. In Phuntsholing he makes a humble beginning with a warm Sherpa family and goes on to become one of the top businessmen. He marries into the same Sherpa family with their niece. Later his daughter helps him in his travel business. That's when the two worlds meet. Though Professor JD's granddaughter takes her share and drops her interest in the rock, his partners pursue their search for the origin of the rock in Wangdue. They book their many tours through Jambay's company. His unsuspecting daughter leads the final tour in June 2012.

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Customer Reviews (5)

by Sonam Choden (December 08, 2020)

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It was the story of two different situation, where at the end both the stories lead to the case of arson in which nearly 400 years old fortress Wangdiphodrang was razed to the ground by fire. The plots in the story were made in such a way that, some of the knowledge of real events was related to it. It was made interesting with authors imagination and it really makes us to rethink upon the true event that had happened. Despite being related to the true event, one should remember that it was the work of fiction as mentioned by the author at the starting page.

By Sangay Dorji
Karmaling HSS
Samdrupcholing/ Samdrupjongkhar

by Geeta Maya (December 04, 2020)

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400 years old monastery, a magnificent Wangdue Phodrang fortress was at fire all of a sudden. A thousand reglious books,
relics and many important things were kept and after the monastery was gutted by fire, there are nothing left but ashes. what are the reason behind the great disturbance Jambay a 15 years old boy abandoned his parents and was found by old Tibetan couple who promised him to take to his uncle who works in military force.The Tibetan man bade him goodbye after reaching at the end of narrow pathway of Norzin Lham. Many months staying with another couple of Tibetan and working for them Jambay again set off to make his life. Finally he found a good job under a kind couple he lived a comfortable life. The dream of Wangdue Phodrang blazing kept him afraid from time to time. A fruitful twist takes place when his daughter Seday guided a bunch of tourist willing to see Wangdue Phodrang. But the most interesting twist is that the tourist had another intention leading to disturbance. They are planning to steal the precious stone kept in the fortress. And they wanted to do it secretly by creating a scene in font of monks who helplessly fell into their drama. After having all the monks out, they set off to do their stealing but before doing they took out a old cell phone with it's charger and plug it into one of the old socket of a plug near the altar room and then they steal the the precious stone and went away. When they woke in in next morning they found out that the fortress has burn down and the report has said that it is because of short circuit.

Geeta Maya
9 'e'
Tashidingkha Central School
Punakha Dzongkha

by Tshering Dorji (December 04, 2020)

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Once a time their was a boy called Jambay Dorji or Jambu. He had come from his school to Thimphu to meet with his uncle called Sangay Tenzin but sadly he can't meet with him and he stayed with a tibetan family and helping the family. He always had a dream of fire getting on Wangdue Dzong. At last he decided to go to Phuentsoling to find a job. While he reach their he met with one of the sherpa and he stayed with him and doing the job at the Sherpa's workshop. He finally fall in love with the daughter of the Sherpa called Yangki. He married with her and finally had a daughter called Sedey. While Jambay was doing a job of tourism and Sedey as a guide a group of foreigner came to Bhutan to steal the precious stone from Wangdue Dzong. When the foreigners and Sedey went to the dzong one of the foreigner called Eric and Sedey fall in love with each other.After they finish stealing the rock and coming back to home they saw a smoke rising above the dzong. While Eric reached home he got a call and said that the stone was delivered to India. And when he get back to room he saw the news on the television that Wangdue Dzong was damaged by fire.

NAME: Tshering Dorji
SCHOOL: Tashidingkha Central School, Punakha

by Cheta Dahal (December 03, 2020)

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The darkest June is a very interesting story written by a Bhutanese author Karma Tenzin (Yongba). Nearly a 400 years old monastery, Wangdue Phodrang, was teased by an inferno on the ground on the afternoon of 24th June 2012. The cause of fire in the 347 years old Wangdue Phodrang dzong the press reported, was due to electrical short circuiting in one the many compartments None challenge lid the press report. The report also said the most of the important relics were salvaged. Review summbited by (Devya Subedi Class 6, Peljorling Higher Secondary School).

by Cheta M Dahal (December 01, 2020)

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The darkest June is a interesting story written by a Bhutanese author Karma Tenzin (Yongba). It is about the June where the
Wangdue Phodrang dzong was burned. It was burned on 24 June 2012.