Bhutan's Crowning Glory

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Published In: 2017
ISBN: 978 99936 748 0 1
No. of Pages: 157

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The journal of a king and his people in the last ten years

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by Pem Eden (June 18, 2022)

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This book is solely on the life of our Druk Gyalpo as the of one of the Great monarch of our country. It describes starting from the transition of government of Bhutan to our new Druk Gyalpo to the selfless and dynamic efforts of our Druk Gyalpo. It reflects the early life and education of our Druk Gyalpo which Bhutanese needs to take pride for having such a highly qualified leader. Interestingly there are also some appreciating incidences which the Druk Gyalpo handled it so amazingly like breaking the social stigmas such as having Tshogchang from which people believe a 'poison giver' and the narration on existence of Dragon. There is also the inclusion of his social and economic reforms like establishment of DHI, Cadestral survey, Local Goverment, Judiciary, Kidu and a lot more which are categorized under four pillars of Gross National Happiness. some of the inspiring speeches addressed by our Druk Gyalpo are also included.  In short from this book we can undertand His Majesty as a truely 'People's King'. 

by Singay Namgay (June 20, 2021)

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Author of the book concludes that this book capture the glorious reign of ten years of His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo.
Within a decade, His Majesty has already achieved the mammont task for the well-being of Bhutanese. To the a commoner like me, the Royal achievements which are extraordinary and timeless appears like the achievement made over the centuries.
This book deepened my love, respect, and admiration to our king. Every Bhutanese must read this book.

Long Live His Majesty the King