Medical History of Bhutan - Chronicles of health and disease from Bon times to today

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Published In: 2018
ISBN: 978-99936-775-2-9
No. of Pages: 355

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The Medical History of Bhutan is a chronicle of medical practices, public health, and political health initiatives in Bhutan from the earliest times to the present day. The book is an inquiry into written evidence about the heritage of medical practices and of health systems development in Bhutan. It presents the origin of traditional medicine, describes ritual healing and tells the story of the introduction of modern medicine in Bhutan. The book is the only available history of health and medicine in the Kingdom. Because the introduction of western style medicine was so recent, many of those who led the way during its early development, its expansion, its institutionalization, and its co-existence with GSo-baRig-pa, have provided their personal account of the early modern period. This second edition has been much expanded, and now includes a large number of illustrations many of which have been found only recently. It is more than a medical story; it provides insight into many aspects of Bhutanese traditions, culture and life. Three of the foremost Bhutanese storytellers give their contributions to the perception of health and illness among the Bhutanese. It also gives an updated description of the latest developments of medical institutions, medical training, medical policies, and the general state of the health of the Bhutanese people. With the publication of this volume, the story of the past and the present is preserved for future generations.

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by Thinley Dorji (December 30, 2020)

1 Reviews

This is the second edition of the book “Medical History of Bhutan”. The first section is devoted to the Sowa Rigpa system, Bhutanese Traditional Medicine. It covers the Bhutanese concept of health and illness and how the system was incorporated into the present-day health system. The second section covers the early days of how the modern health system was built against a backdrop of constraints in financial resources. In fact, both the traditional and allopathic systems as we know of today started around the same time and the book shows how key decisions and investments made into health have helped Bhutan achieve remarkable progress. The book also gives a scoping view of future health challenges. This is a must-read for people wanting to know where Bhutan has come from in terms of health and where we are headed.