The Rhythm of the Butterfly

Published In: 2019
ISBN: 978-9998089105
No. of Pages: 193

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Book Review by Williamsji Mavelli The Rhythm of Butterfly: A Contemporary Poetic Anthology, well compiled, edited and launched recently by honorable Poet Honorable Santosh Kumar Biswa from country Bhutan. A creation of poetry or any form of art and a bond of love towards those inborn instincts both have distinct stages, characteristics and uniqueness, same like a painting initially begins with a visualization in the mind of the artist. This illusion is a perfect vision that the artist or poet will strive to replicate on any canvas or paper through a paintbrush, a paper or a keyboard. Similarly, poetic love often begins on a visual level based either on the self experiences directly encountered or grabbed by way of imaginations. The vision of the painter is soon transformed into quick, loose sketches. The pencil freely marks the page; the artist has no control over where it goes, he merely paints. Similarly, poetic lovers have no control over their new feeling on realities of life or love that has taken over their mindset rendered to the readers. Honorable Poet Santosh Kumar Biswa has quoted below few examples from renowned poets which can be treated as true quotes for the definition of poetry. “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility” – William Wordsworth “Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion” – T.S. Eliot Above poetic quotes are the few famous definitions of poetry from the renowned poets in the literary world. William Wordsworth defined poetry as “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” One of the most definable characteristics of the poetic form is the economy and usage of languages. Poets are niggardly and remorselessly critical in the way they scribble with their own fabulous words and sentences. Carefully selecting words for conciseness and clarity is standard, even for writers of prose. However, poets go well beyond this, considering a word’s emotive qualities, its back-story, its melodic, lyrical values, its double- or triple-entendres, and even its spatial relationship on the page. The poet, through innovation in both word choice and form, seemingly rends significance from thin air, which is clear from the below lines of Poet Santosh Kumar Biswa. “Beauty is something that I can delineate, O my dark lady, not from what is enunciated. Upon looking at you in blue, I resolve, Beauty is an art that’s perfect in itself, Idyllic – not yet a single lewdness to trace, Beauty is you, and in you I have observed it. You’re higher than the gorgeous lady Diana. I smell the rising tempo beneath my chest, “ My Dark Lady It is bit difficult to chain up poetry with definitions. Poetry is not old, frail, and intellectual. Poetry is stronger and fresher than you think. Poetry is imagination and will break those chains faster than prose. Writing in a particular form doesn’t just mean that poets need to pick the right words but that you need to have correct poesy tone for prearranged either in a stressed or unstressed syllables, followed by a scheme. The below lines are highly poetic and elegant. Oh! Nightingale, marked for the nocturnallity, Allow me to accompany, come closer With tones that never were so penetrating. You aren’t the same Nightingale of Keats, So different you sound, that of bridges, With emotions so plaintive and sorrowful. (Let us sing oh! Nightingale) True love is obstinate; in the way that music pours into the ears of an audience, love pouring into the heart of a man cannot be stopped, denied, or set off course. Love is a natural instinct. You cannot artificially make love where there is none or where it does not belong. Women Gone are the days To undermine and suppress, The one who takes the pain, Most dreadful ever existed. Women, I call them with admiration, Without whom the life would end. Salute, not only to those Who marched in protest And fought for the country. Over the meadow, I wondered to claim – Defeated within, thwarted and baffled in mind – Out of thin air a dust leaf ran over the cheek, Kissing gently to pull my mind beatifically. Pursuing to see it, glanced I, at a lily so bonny, Like a naturalist as if to draw me in its beauty. (Call the Dove) Beauty and love are interlinked. Something far more powerful and universal, for not all people believe in gods, yet people cannot refuse the existence of love. Instead, love is a condition of the human body that cannot be denied. “Poetry is the spontaneous aspect of a wandering mind that reveals truths and emotions in the words of a poet, in an explicit manner.” Honorable Poet Santosh Kumar Biswa’s collection of poetry is worth reading. Most of his verses are dealing in romantic relationships which are the most meaningful themes from human life. They provide a source of fulfillment. I wish honorable Poet Santosh Kumar Biswa, a bright future in his future poetry writings. Stay blessed. Love and Light, Peace and poetry, Dream and Win in life.

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